Will my student need any spending money?

Camp Kō will be selling merchandise and snacks that your student will need cash for. All other meals and drinks are provided as a part of your Camp Kō Registration.

When do I drop off my student and pick up?

Drop-off: 9:00 am on Tuesday, July 30th at the Tampa Bay Conference Center.

Pick-up: 8:00 pm on Friday, August 2nd at the Tampa Bay Conference Center.

How do I check-in my student the day of Camp Kō?

Park near the Main Entrance and follow the registration signs. Students will be checked into to their designated areas and proceed to their bunkhouse to drop off their luggage.

Who are the counselors?

Counselors are leaders from both GrowLife and Bay Chapel churches whom have all been background checked.

May my student bring a skateboard, fireworks, iPod, iPad, boombox, headsets, pets or animals?

Students are to leave these items at home. Camp Kō is for building better relationships with God, family, and friends.

What should my student bring to camp?

Bible, sunscreen, tennis shoes, change of clothes for 4 days, toiletries, towel, sleeping bag or twin sheets and a pillow. Please LABEL everything with your student’s name. A more comprehensive list will be provided at the Parent Email.

What should I pack my student’s items in?

We recommend that you put it all in one wheeled luggage carrier or backpack. Whatever they bring, they are responsible for carrying.

What do I do if my student has food allergies?

We understand food allergies may be a concern for some students. Unfortunately, due to the limited kitchen access at the campground, we ask that parents pack any snacks or food items that your child may need for the 4 days while they're attending camp. Please call if you have any questions: Matt Maldonado (813) 416-0431

Can my student bring cell phones or personal items?

Students are allowed to bring their cell phones but will be restricted to the bunkhouses only. GrowLife church and Bay Chapel will not assume any liability for any personal materials students lose, break, or have stolen. Please do not call your students during sessions or devotional time. In the case of an emergency, we will be providing all parents with a direct number to contact us at camp.

What are students allowed to wear to Camp Kō?

Our dress code guideline is that if you can’t wear it to school, don’t wear it to Camp Kō. Please also bring comfortable clothes for recreational activities outside.

My student will require medicine while they are at Camp Kō. What do I do?

If your student will be bringing any medications with them to Camp Kō we REQUIRE the medication to be checked in at registration. The Camp Kō Nurse Team will then be responsible for the medication and times from there. All medicine needs to be completely labeled with your student’s name and placed in a gallon Ziploc bag.